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Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

There is no reason to not use an insurance agent, since there is no additional costs associated with using an experienced professional. At Affordable HealthPlans our goal is to get you the best coverage for the lowest cost that fits your needs. We'll research the healthplans available in your area, check facilities and doctors to see if they are in-network, and follow up with unbeatable customer service. Call today 1-888-336-8100 for friendly, professional advice.

Individual and Family Health Plans

Dental Plans

Short Term Health Insurance

If you have questions about the plans, or need assistance with an application - please call
1-888-336-8100 to talk to a licensed agent.

Please note: Plan suggestions may change as insurance carriers adjust their prices and benefits. Networks are also subject to change during annual contract renewals.


Please click on the logos, to get quotes, plan information, even apply online with these carriers. It is suggested you talk to a licensed agent first (it's free) to help you decide which plan is best for you at 1-888-336-8100

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