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Health Insurance and Benefit Programs for Small Business

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At Affordable Healthplans our goal is to find a plan that will keep your employees happy, while looking out for your bottom line. We start off with an analysis of your business and then quote all carriers in California. Then we find the plan that best matches your company needs. We work with carriers like Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Healthnet, and United Healthcare to name a few. And since we represent a multitude of carriers - we don't work for any one company - we work just for you!

To get a quote is easy, just call 1-888-336-8100 to get started. There is no pressure or no obligation. We work as consultants rather than salesmen, so you get the information you need with no hassle. For a quote - all that is required is a list of your employees and their dependents who are taking or want coverage. We quote every carrier and do an analysis to find the plan that best meets your company needs.

After the sale we are there to help you and your employees in any way we can. And you can talk to a live person who has your best interest at heart, rather than going through a call routing system, which may or may not get you to the right person (who may or may not care). At annual renewals we analyze your coverage to make sure you're always getting the best plan for your money!

Please click on the logos, to get quotes, plan information, even apply online with these carriers. It is suggested you talk to a licensed agent first (it's free) to help you decide which plan is best for you at 1-888-336-8100
Group Health Insurance FAQ's
Q: What type of documents do I need to get a group health insurance plan?

A: Most insurance carriers require a DE-6. That's the form that is filed quarterly to the state of California to report employee withholding taxes. Either a payroll company or an accountant does this. Some carriers allow group plans to qualify with corporate paperwork, an agent can tell you if you have the proper paperwork for that scenario.

Q: Can any employee be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions?

A: For group plans under 50 employees, nobody can be denied coverage, however the price can vary by 10% (higher or lower than standard rates) depending on the size and quality of health of your group.

Q: Is there a waiting period for pre-existing conditions?

A: As long as an individual has had credible coverage within 63 days of applying for a new plan, their is no pre-existing condition clause. If the individual does not have credible coverage there is a 90 day waiting period before pre-existing conditions are covered.

Q: How much does a group plan cost?

A: That depends on what type of coverage you want, and which plan you select. Typically group coverage is more expensive than individual coverage for PPO plans, and about the same or less for HMO plans.

Q: If I get on a group plan, are there any penalties for cancelling it before the first year?

A: Your contract is from month to month, so you can cancel prior to the 1st of any month and not be responsible for future payment, however since your rates are locked in for a year, you would lose any savings if prices have gone up in the marketplace since your application or renewal.

Q: How long does it take to get approved for group coverage?

A: Typically it takes about a week if all documents are complete and correctly filled out. It is always best to apply in the middle of the month and not wait until the last minute where the bulk of the applications are submitted.

Q: If I have a chronically ill or pregnant employee can they, or the group be denied coverage?

A: For group plans under 50 employees, nobody can be denied coverage, however the price can vary by 10% (higher or lower than standard rates) depending on the size and the quality of the health of people taking coverage in your group.

Q: What would I need to give an agent to get a quote?

A: A group censes, which would include the ages of each employee and a list of any dependents who would be applying for coverage.

Q: How much is the employer required to contribute for an employees coverage?

A: The employer must offer the plan to all full-time employees (working a minimum of 20 -30 hours a week) and required to pay at least 50% of the employees coverage. The other 50% would be paid by the employee, typically in a payroll deduction.

Q: What other rules do I need to know about group coverage?

A: There are participation rules. Typically 70% to 75% of all "qualified" employees must accept coverage. If an employee has coverage from their spouse and do not want to take coverage they are not included in that qualifying percentage. As a rule of thumb the more the employer will contribute to an employees coverage the greater number of employees will enroll.